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At Gutter Logic, our goal is to help you make the most educated decision about your investment. With locations across North America, we can connect you with one of our gutter contractors to meet your needs and provide a free, comprehensive estimate.

Based in North Canton, OH, we serve Northeast Ohio and the surrounding area. We have an additional location in Rochester, NY, and serve Western New York, Utica, and the Finger Lakes Region. We also serve Dallas, TX, Sacramento, CA, and the Greater Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, regions. If you have any questions, reach out to us today!

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Financing available from Wells Fargo with approved credit. Apply now!

A Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card is an easy and convenient way to pay for goods and services. Plus, as a Wells Fargo Home Projects card holder, you can enjoy other great benefits throughout the year, such as:

  • Special promotional offers where available
  • Revolving line of credit that you can use for future purchases
  • Quick credit decision
  • Convenient monthly payments to fit your budget
  • Easy-to-use online account management and bill payment options


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Senior Discounts

Put away your ladder & stay safe with guaranteed clog-free gutters. We’re pleased to offer senior discounts.

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Military Discounts

Gutter Logic offers military discounts to all active and former military members. Thank you for your service.

Gutter Logic Holdings

Save Now ﹣ Get $300 or $150 Off!

Save $300 when you install gutter guards on your entire home or $150 on any installation over 100 feet.

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Warranty Registration

Gutter Covers Backed by an Ironclad Warranty
GutterDome, one of the most trusted manufacturers of gutter covers in North America, is proud to offer a 30-Year Lifetime Limited Warranty on all six of our styles of “Award Winning” gutter guards. Ours is the longest standing warranty on gutter covers available, so you can rest easy knowing you have made a sound decision by trusting GutterDome.

GutterDome, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “GDI”) warrants for the lifetime of the product to the original owner(s) (hereinafter referred to as “you”) (and is automatically transferrable one (1) time to a new owner in the event you no longer own your home or structure) in the event that its specially designed GutterDome gutter guards will not be defective in manufactured parts. GutterDome products are subject to the terms and conditions as set forth below. No other warranty is expressed or implied in this Lifetime Material Warranty (hereinafter referred to as “Warranty”). This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?
This Warranty does not cover labor charges for replacing, repairing, and installing or reinstalling any defective parts. This Warranty does not cover consequential damages (the cost of replacing or repairing other property that is damaged resulting from the defective warranted part) nor does it cover any incidental damages (costs you may incur in order to obtain warranty service, such as telephone charges, time lost from work, etc.). This Warranty is void if any of the following conditions occur: improper installation; alterations from original installation; panel removal; settlement of building structure; structural shrinkage or distortion of structure (warping of roof or gutter over time); vandalism; salt; hail; fire; tornado, windstorm, earthquakes; lightning; protective liquids of any type of roof preservation product applied to rooftops to extend the life of the roof; tree sapping on mesh; insect/bird droppings on mesh; accidental damage; acts of God; misuse or abuse of the gutter guard; mildew accumulation; paint over spray; moss accumulation; impact of foreign objects; normal weathering; caustic atmospheric conditions; unreasonable uses or failure to provide reasonable maintenance or any other causes beyond the control of GDI. NOTE: Icicles may form in extreme temperatures where ice and snow are present.
How Long Does the Warranty Last?
GutterDome (GD45; GD45 Magma; GD45 Adjustable; GD45 Adjustable Magma; GD67; and GD67 Magma) Warranty is valid for the lifetime of the product, which is for a period of thirty (30) years, only if the initial installation was performed by an Authorized Dealer of GutterDome. If anyone other than an Authorized Dealer of GutterDome initially installed the parts, the Warranty on GutterDome will then be for a period of five (5) years.
What Does This Lifetime Material Warranty Cover?
This Warranty covers only genuine GutterDome gutter guards. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that the product installed is GutterDome. If a GutterDome gutter guard manufactured part is defective, GDI agrees at its sole discretion, to either repair the defect or replace the defective part with either a new or a reconditioned part that is equivalent. GDI’s obligation under this Warranty shall at no time exceed the original purchase price of the product at time of sale.
When Is the Coverage In Effect?
This Warranty becomes effective when an Authorized Dealer of GutterDome and you complete the warranty application, (located on the bottom of this Warranty) and mail it to the GDI corporate office within thirty (30) days, after the installation is complete. Failure to do so will render this Warranty null and void.
How Do You Get Warranty Service?
To obtain Warranty service, you must notify GDI, either in person or in writing, before the Warranty period has expired and within a reasonable period of time after discovering the defect. If you choose to notify GDI in writing you must reference the original date of purchase, the original date of installation, the name and contact information of the original person or company that did the installation and your name and contact information. GDI reserves the right to withdraw this warranty from the market at any time. Any and all warranties in effect at the time of removal will not be affected by the withdrawal and will remain in effect until their expiration. GDI cannot and will not be liable to you or any subsequent owner(s) for a breach of any written or oral express warranties, such as those given to you by an Authorized Dealer of GutterDome, contractor, sub-contractor or installer of GutterDome gutter guards. Any implied warranties imposed by law, such as the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in time to the duration of this express warranty. GDI shall not be liable for any consequential damages for breach of any express, written, oral, or implied warranty on any GutterDome gutter guards. Your exclusive remedy shall be repair or replacement solely at GDI’s discretion and only under the terms stated in this Warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages and some states do allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. ANY REPAIR OF THE PRODUCT UNDERTAKEN WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM GDI WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY.

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